The Society’s logo, designed by founder member Margaret Lightfoot, was inspired by an aspect of Cheshire’s agricultural history which is still visible in the landscape today, as this extract from Issue 23 of our newsletters explains:

“The reversed ‘S’ for Society is a reminder of an ancient landscape feature, and represents, in plan view, the rough shape of a mediaeval plough furrow cut by an ox-plough. Unlike horses, oxen have no reverse gear, and this is thought to have been largely – if not entirely – responsible for the shape. It’s not easy to turn a long team of 8 oxen (or even the 4 commonly used in Cheshire) and these distinctive patterns can still be seen in some Cheshire fields today, especially where the land has been under grass for many decades. Failing evidence in the ground, very many old field boundary hedges followed the furrows in the same shape, as one can see in the 1:25,000 Ordnance Survey maps of Cheshire.”

Reverse-S-shaped hedge. Photograph: Carol Sparkes.