Forthcoming Lectures

Admission: Members free, Visitors £4, Student Visitors £2

All the lectures listed below take place at St Columba’s Church Hall, Plas Newton Lane, Chester, CH2 1SA. There is a large free car park directly outside the hall. Directions can be accessed via St Columba’s own website:


Saturday 28 September 2024, 2pm: Motte and Bailey Castles (Speaker: Chris Matthews, Landscape Archaeologist, Clwyd-Powys Archaeological Trust)

Saturday 26 October 2024, 2pm: Topic tbc (Speaker: Dr Alan Crosby, British Association for Local History, Editor of The Local Historian)

Saturday 30 November 2024, 2pm: Common Ground: The History of Common Land (Speaker: Professor Angus Winchester, Lancaster University)

Lecture on the Welsh Marches in the Middle Ages, presented by Philip Hume of the Mortimer History Society
(Photograph: Carol Sparkes)

Previous Lectures

27.01.2024: Suffer Little Children: The Foundling Hospital at Chester (Dr Anthony Annakin-Smith)
24.02.2024: AGM followed by The Chester to Holyhead Railway (Dr Philip Lloyd)
23.03.2024: Archaeology and Landscape Changes at Norton Priory (Dr Robert Philpott, FSA)
27.04.2024: Liverpool: Landscapes, Geology, History (Emeritus Professor Jim Marshall, Wirral Geology and Landscape Project)
04.07.2024: In conjunction with Chester Festival of Ideas: We Look, But Do We Really See? Exploring and Understanding Local Landscapes (Emeritus Professor Graeme White & Dr Sharon Varey, Chester Society for Landscape History)

28.01.23: Buildings of Ruthin (Gareth Evans)
21.02.23: Canals and the Landscape (Peter Brown)
25.03.23: Place-Names and the Landscape of Medieval Cheshire (Alan Crosby)
22.04.23: The Topographical Travels of Thomas Pennant (1726-98) (Paul Evans)
30.09.23: The Antonine Wall (Geoff B. Bailey)
30.10.23: Levelling the Levels: Draining the East Anglian Fens: An Historical Survey (David Savage, CSLH). This talk described the history of the drainage of the southern peat fens from Roman times to the present day. A number of the major schemes were mentioned, successes and failures, together with some of the key figures – monastic, establishment and even royal.
25.11.23: Literary Landscapes: Lost City: Searching for Bradford in the Novels of JB Priestley (Dr Chris Green)

29.01.22: The Dee Valley (John Brinkley)
26.02.22: Unlocking the Landscape: Historical Maps in the Digital Age (Scott Lloyd and Jon Dollery, Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales)
26.03.23: Latest Country Houses: 1985 to present (Mike Hope, The European Academy of Design)
01.10.22: Peasant Perceptions of Landscape in the Middle Ages: Findings from Oxfordshire and Potential Approaches in Other Regions (Stephen Mileson, Oxford University)
29.10.22: A Railway, Its Engineers and Their Houses (David Savage, CSLH)
26.11.22: In Search of Roman Rural Settlement (Dr Caroline Pudney, University of Chester) plus: Book Launch: Looking at the Landscape

22.02.21: Nikolai Vavilov (1887-1943): Unsung Hero of Agriculture (Christine Robinson, CSLH) via Zoom
25.02.21: Secret Britain: Unearthing the Nation’s Mysterious Archaeology (Dr Mary-Ann Ochota) via Zoom
29.03.21: Mapping Chester’s Landscapes: Past, Present and Future (Dr Keith Lilley) [in conjunction with the Historic Towns Trust] via Zoom
26.04.21: The Horngarth or Penny Hedge, Whitby: The History of a Ceremony in its Historic Landscape, AD 600-2020 (Dr Thomas Pickles, University of Chester) via Zoom
24.05.21: Newfoundwell, Timperley (Hazel Pryor, CSLH) via Zoom
28.06.21: A Brief Guide to the Industrial Heritage of Merseyside (Maurice Handley) via Zoom
11.09.21: Domesday Book and the English Landscape (Professor Graeme White, President, CSLH)
9.10.21: CSLH 35th Anniversary Research Day: Recent Research into Landscapes of the North-West
Birkenhead Park
(Dr Ian Wray)
The Early Christian Landscape of Chester and the Wirral (Dr Tom Pickles)
Contrasting Frontier Settlements along the Dee Valley (Professor Graeme White)
‘Cringlemire’ – Taming a Lakeland Landscape (Maggie Taylor)
‘Estimating the effects of the railways on Chester in not easy’ (Dr Chris Pilsbury)
Carnegie Libraries in Cheshire (Dr Vanessa Greatorex)
Identity Words: Landscape, Heritage and Us (Julie Smalley)
16.10.21: ‘The King’s Writ does not run here’: the Marcher Lordships (Philip Hume, Mortimer History Society)
29.11.21: Spatial Analysis for Landscape History (Ray Carpenter, CSLH)

25.01.20: Rhydymwyn Valley Site (Jeff Spencer)
24.02.20: Wirral’s Dee Coastline (Gavin Hunter)
29.09.20: Offa’s Dyke: A Watery Perspective (Professor Howard Williams, University of Chester) [online]

26.01.19: Lordly Landscapes (Dr Philip Morgan, Keele University)
25.02.19: (following AGM) Hidden Histories: How to be a Landscape Detective (Dr Mary-Ann Ochota)
25.03.19: Connections between Local Hillforts (Dr Erin Lloyd Jones)
30.09.19: Bersham Ironworks (Steve Grenter, Wrexham Heritage)
28.10.19: Norton Priory: Monastery to Museum (Rob Sanderson, Norton Priory Museum Trust)
30.11.19: Glimpses of County Durham’s Ancient Landscapes (David Mason, Principal Archaeologist, Durham County Council)

27.01.18: The Osmington White Horse: A Regal Restoration (Professor Stewart Ainsworth, University of Chester)
26.02.18: (following AGM) Grand Designs 1860: Building a Holiday Home in the Lake District (Maggie Taylor, CSLH)
26.03.18: Crossing the Menai (Bob Diamond)
30.04.18: History of the Chemical Industry: Widnes, Runcorn, Northwich (Diana Leitch)
17.05.18: Rediscovery of Arcadia: Capability Brown and the Pastoral Idyll (Gareth Williams) [jointly with Grosvenor Museum Society]
24.09.18: Cheshire Maps and Mapmakers (Jonathan Pepler, County Archivist)
29.10.18: The Vikings and the Church (Dr Tom Pickles, University of Chester)
24.11.18: Landscape and Land Use in Roman North-West England (Sue Stallibrass)

30.01.17: Soundscapes of English Towns (David Mitchell, Chester’s Town Crier)
25.02.17: Reading the Wirral Landscape (Anthony Annakin-Smith, CSLH)
27.03.17: Mapping the Marches: Marginal Places and Spaces of Cartographic Innovation (Professor Keith D. Lilley, Queen’s University Belfast)
25.09.17: South and North: Offa’s Dyke and the Landscape of the Western Frontier of Mercia in Gloucestershire and Cheshire (Keith Ray)
30.10.17: Oral Landscape Histories (Professor Mark Riley, University of Liverpool)
27.11.17: The Chester Odeon and Other Recent City Excavations (Leigh Dodd, Chartered Institute for Archaeologists)

25.01.16: The Houses of North Wales (Dr Mark Baker, Gwrych Castle Preservation Trust)
29.02.16: Industrial Villages of Cheshire (Elizabeth Davey)
21.03.16: The Leeds and Liverpool Canal (Mike Clarke, Leeds and Liverpool Canal Society)
25.04.16: Land Use in Upper Glenalmond (Professor Richard Oram)
26.09.16: Forging a Liberty in the Landscape: Whitby Abbey, the Liberty of Whitby Strand and the Cult of St Hild, c.1078 – c.1250 (Dr Tom Pickles, University of Chester)
15.10.16: Society for Landscape Studies’ annual conference hosted by CSLH: From the Peak to the Sea, From the Mersey to the Dee: The Landscapes of Cheshire and its Regions
Where Does Cheshire Belong? (Professor Graeme White, President, CSLH)
Horton cum Peel: A Tale of Two Halls and the Landscape Beyond (Dr Sharon Varey, CSLH)
Living with The Edge: The Story of the Alderley Edge Landscape Project (John Prag, Alderley Edge Landscape Project)
Reconstructing Anglo-Saxon Wirral (Dr Chris Lewis, Institute of Historical Research)
Landscapes on the Link: Some Historic Parks and Gardens in North Cheshire (Barbara Moth, Cheshire Gardens Trust)
A Sedimentary Approach to the Landscape History of Cheshire (Professor Richard Chiverrell, University of Liverpool)
31.10.16: The Slate industry in North Wales (Dr David Gwyn, OBE, Llechi Cymru)
28.11.16: Underground Wirral (Gavin Hunter)

26.01.15: Architecture of the Jazz Age (Adrian Sumner)
23.02.15: Hedgerow Trees of the Cheshire Plain (Mark Rogers)
23.03.15: Roman Roads in North-West Wales (David Hopewell, Gwynedd Archaeological Trust)
27.04.15: Trenches of the Great War on Cannock Chase (Stephen Dean, Staffordshire County Council)
28.09.15: Mercantile Palaces of Liverpool (Stephen Guy)
10.10.15: CSLH Research Day at St Mary’s Centre, Chester: Landscapes Past and Present: Cheshire and Beyond
Keynote address: Enclosure and Enclosures in Mid- and East Cheshire (Professor Graeme White, President, CSLH)
Medieval Moated Sites in the Cheshire-North Wales Borderland (Ray Jones)
The Geography of Crime: Misbehaviour in Medieval Chester (Vanessa Greatorex)
Ways and Meres: Pre-Turnpike Roads, Tracks, Boundaries and Their Markers in the Cheshire Peak District (Tom Swailes)
Tracing the Eighteenth-Century Landscape of Thelwall, Cheshire (Dr Mike Taylor)
Cheshire’s Airfields: A Legacy in the Landscape (Tony Barratt)
Landscape as History: Probing its Public Interface (Julie Smalley)
26.10.15: A Very Fair Field Indeed: An Archaeology of Town Commons in England (Mark Bowden, Historic England)
07.11.15: Building Paddy’s Wigwam: The Building of the Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King, Liverpool (Philip Harrison)
30.11.15: The Landscape of the Cheshire Magna Carta (Professor Graeme White, President, CSLH)

27.01.14: Victorian Villa Estates (Elizabeth Davey)
24.02.14: Excavations at Holt Castle (Steve Grenter)
24.03.14: Surveying the Landscape (Mike Blackburn)
28.04.14: Derwent Valley Mills World Heritage Site (Mark Suggitt)
14.05.14: The Walls of Chester (Tony Barratt) [Oliver Bott memorial lecture in conjunction with Chester Civic Trust]
29.09.14: The Landscape of the Staffordshire Hoard (Della Hooke)
27.10.14: Gwrych Castle, Abergele (Mark Baker)
24.11.14: The Mapping of Mold Mountain (Kevin Matthias)

21.01.13: Parkgate: Port and Resort (Anthony Annakin-Smith, CSLH)
25.02.13: History in the Raking – Discovering Cheshire’s Designed Landscapes (Barbara Moth, Cheshire Gardens Trust)
25.03.13: Pontcysyllte – its Place in History (Dr Barrie Trinder, Birmingham University)
29.04.13: Medieval Parks and Other Early Enclosures in Derbyshire (Mary Wiltshire)
30.09.13: Monastic Farm Buildings (James Bond)
28.10.13: Border Crossing: The Landscape of the Cheshire-North Wales borderlands (Ray Jones, CSLH)
25.11.13: What’s in a Name? Place-names, Surnames, and the Viking Settlement of Wirral (Dr Stephen Harding, Nottingham University)

30.01.12: Cheshire’s Forgotten Salt-Makers: Sea Salt Making on the Wirral (Anthony Annakin-Smith, CSLH
27.02.12: Widely as his Mersey Flows (Hugh Beggs)
26.03.12: Boogie-Woogie, Flappers, Bathtub Gin and the Modernist Garden (Ed Bennis)
30.04.12: Cotswold Landscapes from Prehistory until 1600: Some Myths Exposed (Professor Chris Dyer)
24.09.12: The Business of Investigating Timber-Framed Buildings (Duncan James)
29.10.12: A Georgian New Town: The Rise of Birkenhead (Elizabeth Davey)
26.11.12: The Storeton Quarries and Tramway (Gavin Hunter)

24.01.11: Wirral’s Historic Dee Coastline (Gavin Hunter)
28.02.11: Making an Exhibition: William Roscoe and Liverpool’s Botanic Gardens (Dr John Edmondson)
28.03.11: Wat’s Dyke (Pete Lewis)
26.09.11: The Landscape of the Civil War in Chester and Further Afield (Professor Peter Gaunt)
31.10.11: The Peak District Grouse Moors (Professor David Hey)
28.11.11: Geodiversity and Geoconservation in Cheshire’s landscape (Professor Cynthia Burek, University of Chester)
10.09.11: 25th anniversary conference at Ness Gardens: 25 in 2011:  Landscape Discoveries in the North West
Keynote address: LIDAR (Professor Stewart Ainsworth, University of Chester)
Black and White Houses to Black and White Cows: An Untold Story (Dr Sharon Varey)
Walk Mill on the River Gowy, Foulk Stapleford (John Whittle)
Settlements and their Shapes in North-East Wales (Mike Headon)
Large Enclosures in the Cheshire Landscape (Anthony Annakin-Smith)
Ness Gardens and the Landscape (Paul Cook)
New Views of Old Roads: Turnpikes in the Cheshire Landscape, 1700-1900 (Dr Alan Crosby)
The Enclosure of West Cheshire: Keeping Ahead of Champion England (Professor Graeme White, President, CSLH)

25.01.10: Ranulf de Blondeville and his Castle Building in 1225: Necessity as the Mother of Invention (Iain Soden)
22.02.10: Recent Excavations at St Alban’s Church, Tattenhall (Kevin Cootes)
29.03.10: Walled Gardens (Susan Campbell)
26.04.10: Hedges around Edges (Hugh Beggs)
27.09.10: Edward Kemp – His Work in Cheshire and Beyond (Elizabeth Davey)
25.10.10: Stonehenge (Julian Richards)
29.11.10: Romano-British Settlement in the Landscape of the Lowland North-West (Dr Robert Philpott, University of Liverpool)

26.01.09: Landscape-Scale Approaches to Integrating Management of the Natural and Built Environment Case Study: The Heather and Hillforts Project (Fiona Gale)
23.02.09: Death and the Landscape (Dr Howard Williams)
23.03.09: Picturesque Chester: The City in Art (Peter Boughton, Grosvenor Museum)
06.04.09: The Anglo-Saxon Landscape in North-East Wales (Dr Chris Lewis, VCH)
28.09.09: The River Dee: From Source to Sea (Hugh Beggs)
26.10.09: Houses of Mold and District (David Rowe)
23.11.09: Habitats and Hillforts of Cheshire’s Sandstone Ridge (Dan Garner)

28.01.08: Ness Collieries (1759-1855): Birthplace of the Industrial Revolution in West Cheshire (Anthony Annakin-Smith, CSLH)
25.02.08: Homes and Gardens in Medieval Chester (Dr Jane Laughton)
31.03.08: “So Where Exactly did the Bluestones of Stonehenge Come From?” (Professor Dai Morgan Evans)
28.04.08: What has Shaped the Landscape of Derbyshire? (Dr Fred Broadhurst)
29.09.08: Cheshire Airfields – Their Story and Significance on the Landscape (Tony Barratt)
27.10.08: Early Historic Sculpture and Landscape: A Case Study of Cladh a’ Bhile (Dr Meggen Gondek, University of Chester)
24.11.08: Ridge-and-Furrow versus the Hedge-and-Ditch Presumption: A Boundary Dispute at Threapwood (Professor Graeme White, President, CSLH)

29.01.07: Thelwall – No Mean City (Dr Mike Taylor, CSLH)
26.02.07: Tramping the Fields and Trawling the Archives: Investigations in West Cheshire (Doug Haynes)
26.03.07: Landscape and Society in the Kingdom of Gwynedd in the Middle Ages (David Longley, Gwynedd Archaeological Trust)
19.04.07: From Chester to the Centre of the Earth (Dr Fred Broadhurst [jointly with the Royal Geographical Society]
24.09.07: Wirral Villages: From Eastham to Landican (Gavin Hunter)
29.10.07: Gainford: an Anglo-Saxon Estate in County Durham? (Dr David Petts)
26.11 07: Roots of the Chester Landscape (Stewart Ainsworth, English Heritage & Time Team)

19.01.06: What Landscape Means to Me (Richard Purslow, Windgather Press)
16.02.06: A Recent Survey of Burton Point (Gary Crawford-Coupe)
16.03.06: Discovering a Welsh Landscape: Archaeology in the Clwydian Range (Dr Ian Brown)
20.04.06: The Lost Treasures of a Denbighshire Landscape (Mark Olly)
28.09.06: The Whittlewood Project (Professor Chris Dyer)
17.09.06: (following AGM) Llangar Church (Dai Morgan Evans, Society of Antiquaries of London)
15.11.06: Peopling the Landscape: Manorial Life in Westmorland in the 17th Century (Philip Holdsworth)

20.01.05: Patterns of Landholding in Needwood Forest, Staffordshire in the Middle Ages (Dr Nigel Tringham)
17.02.05: Sycharth Castle – an Owain Glyndŵr ‘Llys’ site (Spencer Smith)
17.03.05: Marshville and Saltport: Frodsham and its Shipping Business (Tony Barratt)
21.04.05: The Evolution of the British Landscape (Dr Fred Broadhurst) [jointly with the Royal Geographical Society]
15.09.05: The Historic Landscape Characterisation (HLC) of Cheshire Project (Rob Edwards, Cheshire County Council)
20.10.05: (following AGM) The Evidence of Place-Names: A View of North-East Wales (Professor Hywel Wyn Owen, Director of the Place-Name Research Centre, University of Wales, Bangor)
17.11.05: Landscape and Settlement in a North Wales River Basin (Ray Jones, CSLH)

15.01.04: Urban Geology of Chester (Norman Harrison)
19.02.04: Planned Towns in Wales and the Welsh Marches (David James Lloyd)
18.03.04: The Heronbridge Project (Dr David Mason)
16.09.04: “What’s in a Name?” – Field Names and the Landscape of a Shropshire Parish (Sharon Varey, CSLH)
21.10.04: (following AGM) The Myth of Discontinuity: Carew in Pembrokeshire and “Little England Beyond Wales” (David Austin)
18.11.04: Forces for Change in the Medieval Landscape (Professor Graeme White, President, CSLH)

16.01.03: Parliamentary Enclosure of Upland Waste in Northern England (Professor Ian Whyte, Lancaster University)
20.02.03: The Restoration of Hawkestone Park (Simon Walding)
20.03.03: Palaces, Ponds and Prelates: The Great Fishponds of the Bishops of Winchester (Alan Crosby, British Association for Local History)
18.09.03: Heaton Norris: The Evolution of a Town on the Mersey (David Reid)
16.10.03: (following AGM) English Villages (Professor Brian Roberts, formerly of Durham University)
20.11.03: Shropshire Towns in the 16th and 17th Centuries (Dr Sylvia Watts)

24.01.02: The Williamson Tunnels (Claire Moorhead, Friends of the Williamson Tunnels)
21.02.02: Elite Landscapes and Lordly Identity in England, 1066-1500 (Dr Robert Liddiard, University of Wales)
21.03.02: Lord Leverhulme and the Wirral Landscape (Gavin Hunter)
19.09.02: Aerial Archaeology Update for Shropshire (Michael Watson, Shropshire Archaeology Service)
17.10.02: (following AGM) The Yorkshire Landscape (Dr Richard Muir)
21.11.02: The English 18th-Century Landed Estate: Architectural Experiments and Social Differentiation (Christopher Christie, Manchester Metropolitan University)

18.01.01: Tabley Park (Barbara Moth, Cheshire Gardens Trust)
08.02.01: The Roman Impact on the Landscape (Tim Strickland, Gifford & Partners)
15.03.01: Medieval Agriculture in Cheshire and its Problems (Paul Booth, University of Liverpool)
11.10.01: (following AGM) The Limestone Quarries of Caldon Low (Basil Jeuda)
08.11.01: Christleton – A Unique Village (David Cummings, Christleton Local History Group)
06.12.01: Early monasteries in the British Isles (Professor Mick Aston, University of Bristol)

03.02.00: The Rise and Fall of Birkenhead (Peter de Figueiredo, English Heritage)
02.03.00: Monasteries in the Landscape (Professor Mick Aston, Bristol University)
23.03.00: Dry Land from the Waters: The Draining of Martin Mere, Lancashire, 1692-1850 (Dr Alan Crosby, Lancaster University)
05.10.00: (following AGM) Thomas Telford and the A5 (Rick Turner, Cadw)
09.11.00: Lyme Park (Dr Richard Newman, Lancaster University)
07.12.00: The Alderley Edge Landscape Study (Clare Pye, Manchester University)

14.01.99: Speke Hall (Dr Jennifer Lewis, University of University)
18.02.99: The Altrincham to Chester Railway (Basil Jeuda)
11.03.99: Architectural Biography in the North West (Frank Kelsall, English Heritage)
21.10.99: Sociable Cities: The New Towns Movement (Graham Bell, Town & Country Planning Association)
18.11.99: Two hundred years of Rudyard Lake (Basil Jeuda)

15.01.98: The Landscape of Battles in the North West (Philip Morgan)
12.02.98: Recent work on Place-Names and Landscapes (Dr Margaret Gelling, English Place-Name Society)
12.03.98: Buildings and Livestock in Cheshire and Cornwall: Neglected Areas of Agricultural History (Paul Barnwell, Royal Commission on Historical Monuments for England)
29.10.98: The Industrial Archaeology of North Wales (Dr W Lloyd Jenkins)
26.11.98: Stone Circles in the North West (Dr Aubrey Burl)

16.01.97: Shotwick Castle (Marcus Jecock, Royal Commission on the Historical Monuments of England)
13.02.97: Upland Landscapes of the Medieval North (Angus Winchester, Lancaster University)
13.03.97: The Palaces of the Bishops of St David’s (Rick Turner, Cadw)
25.09.97: Gardens of a Golden Afternoon: Jekyll and Lutyens (Jane Brown)
16.10.97: Thomas Pennant and the Transformation of the Downing Estate (Dr Paul Evans)
20.11.97: Stonehenge and Brittany: the French Connection (Aubrey Burl)
11.12.97: History and Heritage: the Rediscovery of Ironbridge (Judith Alfrey)

11.01.96: Dunham Massey, Past and Present (Clive Alford, National Trust)
08.02.96: The Impact of Modern Agriculture in the Environment (Dr C. Morris, Chester College)
07.03.96: “Prefabs”: The Post-War Emergency Housing Campaign (Dr Julian Holder, Chester College)
07.11.96: The Vernacular Architecture of Wales in its Setting (Professor Ronald Brunskill, De Montfort University, Leicester)
05.12.96: The Archaeology of Chester Cathedral (Simon Ward, Chester Archaeology Service)

19.01.95: Landscape History and Conservation in the Peak District (Professor John Tarn, University of Liverpool)
16.02.95: Public Parks in the North West (Arthur Oldham, Garden History Society)
16.03.95: Eaton Park, Past, Present and Future (T.B. Barter, Eaton Estate Office)
05.10.95: Planned Villages in Cheshire (Dr Jon Talbot, North East Wales Institute)
02.11.95: The Northwest Wetlands Survey in Cheshire and Shropshire (Mark Leah, Lancaster University)
30.11.95: Castles (John Ellis, Cheshire Military Museum)

06.01.94: The Prehistoric Landscape of Shropshire (Michael Watson, County Archaeologist for Shropshire)
17.02.94: The Rows of 19th Century Chester (Peter de Figueiredo, Chester City Council)
03.03.94: Medieval Roads of Cheshire (Dr Paul Hindle, Salford University)
24.03.94: Tithe Awards and Beyond: Settlement and Field Systems in Rural West Cheshire (Dr Graeme White, President, CSLH)
06.10.94: Woods & Forests in the Medieval Period (André Berry, Clwyd County Council Archaeological Service)
27.10.94: Recent Discoveries from the Air in Cheshire (Jill Collens, Cheshire County Council Archaeology Service)
24.11.94: Origins of Cheshire (Dr Nick Higham, University of Manchester)
15.12.94: The Impact of Mining in North Wales (Pat Frost, Clwyd-Powys Archaeological Trust)

21.01.93: Attingham Park: Not Only a Repton Landscape (Belinda Cousens, Regional Historic Buildings Representative, National Trust)
18.02.93: John Tollemache 1805-1890: Agriculturalist and Shaper of the Landscape (Ian Dunn, Cheshire County Archivist)
18.03.93: The Listed Buildings of Chester (Oliver Bott, Cheshire Chief Conservation Officer)
13.10.93: Burton Manor and its Gardens (Steven Jardine, Principal Historic Buildings Officer, Cheshire County Council)
09.12.93: The Conservation of Trees in Cheshire (Robert Price, Chief Conservation Officer, Cheshire County Council)

09.01.92: Anglo-Saxon Agriculture (Dr David HiIl, University of Manchester)
06.02.92: Inns, Taverns and Ale Houses: A History of the Public House in Chester (Eileen Willshaw, Chester City Conservation Department)
05.03.92: Recent Archaeological Work in Cheshire (Adrian Tindall, Cheshire County Archaeologist)
26.03.92: The English Civil War and the Landscape in the North West (Dr Peter Gaunt, Chester College)
12.11.92: Woodland Landscapes and Dispersed Settlements in the Medieval West Midlands (Professor Christopher Dyer, University of Birmingham)
10.12.92: The Wat’s Dyke Project (Margaret Worthington, University of Manchester)

18.01.91: The Work of John Douglas (Dr Peter Howell, Chairman, The Victorian Society)
21.02.91: Place-Names in the Landscape (Dr Margaret Gelling, President, English Place-Name Society)
21.03.91: Structural Refinements of Gothic Churches (Oliver Bott, Cheshire County Conservation Officer)
07.11.91: The Manchester Ship Canal (Michael Bailey, Trustee of the Greater Manchester Museum of Science and Industry)

25.01.90: From Prehistoric to Modern Times: A Field Survey of Stanton Moor, Derbyshire (Paul Everson, Royal Commission for Historical Monuments)
22.02.90: A Tale of Two Cities: The Buildings of Medieval York and Chester (Jane Grenville, Council for British Archaeology [Northern])
22.03.90: The Liverpool and Manchester Railway (Michael Bailey, Trustee of the Greater Manchester Museum of Science and Industry)
15.11.90: The Development of Shrewsbury (Angus MacInnes, University of Keele)
13.12.90: The Liverpool Dockscape (Adrian Jarvis, Merseyside Maritime Museum)

09.02.89: Lord Tollemache, Anthony Salvin and the Building of Peckforton Castle (R. Durdey, CLSH founder member)
16.03.89: Forest Laws and the Landscape (Paul Booth, University of Liverpool)
05.10.89: (i) The Cheshire Special Landscapes Project (Alan Bowring, Project Officer); (ii) Mapping the Open Fields of West Cheshire: a further report on the work of the Society’s study group (Dr Graeme White, President, CSLH)
12.10.89: The Anglo Saxon Landscape (Dr Della Hooke, University of Birmingham)
16.11.89: Agricultural Change in 19th Century Cheshire (Tony Phillips, University of Keele)

28.01.88 Cloisters and Granges: The Monastic Influence on the Landscape, 1066-1540 (Dr Ann Dawtry, Chester College)
18.02.88 Buildings in the Landscape: The Survey of Listed Buildings in Cheshire, 1974-87 (Oliver Bott, Cheshire County Conservation Officer)
17.03.88: Aspects of Townscape: Liverpool (Dr Quentin Hughes, Reader in Architecture, University of Liverpool)
27.09.88: (following AGM) (i) The Resources of Chester City Record Office (Miss J. Forster, Assistant Archivist); (ii) Mapping the Open Fields of West Cheshire: a report on the work to date of the Society’s study group (Dr Graeme White, President, CSLH)
10.11.88: Iron Age Hillforts in Clwyd (John Manley, County Archaeologist for Clwyd)
08.12.88: The Making of the English Village (Dr Brian Roberts, University of Durham)

05.02.87: Aerial Photography as a Source for Landscape History in Cheshire (Rhys Williams, former Cheshire County Archaeologist)
12.03.87: Farmhouses and Farm Buildings of Cheshire (Dr Ronald Brunskill, Reader in Architecture, University of Manchester)
24.09.87: (following AGM) The Victoria History of Cheshire (Dr Alan Thacker, editor of VCH, Cheshire)
19.11.87: Medieval Settlement and Farming, with particular reference to Shropshire (Trevor Rowley, University of Oxford)

06.11.86: The Archaeology of Cheshire Gardens c.1300 to late 19th century (Richard Turner, Cheshire County Archaeologist)